One of the most exclusive property offers in Dubai is Jumeirah Park. It is situated alongside of the other prestigious development such as Jumeirah Heights and Jumeirah Islands. The environment and the neighbourhood of the community is friendly and is made up of Lush Green Parks and majestic, mesmerizing landscapes which makes it an ideal home for couples and families. Jumeirah Park is one the lively portion of Dubai and the best tourist location of the world. The homes of Jumeirah Park are designed in a unique way it has been given huge space and relax setting. The dwellings are customized and proportioned in such a way that the occupants can have their own flavour of colour, style and design. The community have given a wide choice of floor design and plan to facilitate the needs and desires of the residents also to accommodate different family tastes and the lifestyle. There are around 2000 villas of 3 to 5 bedrooms and are divided in to a cluster of 3. Jumeirah Park Villas are based in three types of theme. The architectural design is done on these three themes and thus gives a unique style and mesmerizing look to the Villas. The three themes are Heritage, Regional and Legacy. The Jumeirah Park Heritage Villas are constructed and designed on the French architecture and its elaborative decorative features. It also showcases the European style tile structure on the floors and elegant rock work on the pillars and the walls. The colour scheme based on this theme goes very well with the vivid gleaming plant life of the artfully designed landscapes and gardens. The Jumeirah Park Regional Villas are depicted on Arabic Culture. A glimpse of Traditional architecture and woodwork can be seen in all the Villas. They create an ambiance of a natural environment and of natural sunny warmth of Dubai. Exclusive Pools and fountains grace the property and the work of Galvanized done on the patios and floors with geometrical designs enriches the beauty of the Jumeirah Park Regional Villas. Jumeirah Park Dubai Legacy Villas features exquisite Tiled roofs and skilfully crafted terraces. Styled and crafted in such a way that it gives the inhabitants a comfortable and lavish living. The dwellings are enhanced by natural colours and colourful tiles have been embarked for ornamental interest in wall and providing coverings with splendid mosaics that comes up as the main attraction. Customized pools and special tile work enhance the beauty and legendary of the Jumeirah Park Legacy Villas. If you are planning to buy or rent a villa at Jumeirah Park Provident Real Estate will be the right choice for your deal. As it consist of efficient and professional team that will help you to get the best deal while keeping in mind the comfort and affordability of yours. http://www.providentestate.com/