Filmed on a Nikon D5500 and a Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 lens at 1080p60. Some interesting facts about this flight: According the captain this flight requires 137 tons of fuel, which is almost the full capacity. On approach to JFK, we did the Canarsie approach which requires a sharp low attitude turn right before the wheels touch the runway. It is not as dramatic as the famous checkerboard approach at the old Hong Kong airport. Hong Kong CX846 is timed perfectly for connecting flights, especially for business travelers. On this particular flight, the entire business class was full, so no extra amenity kits for me. For the lounge, I visited The Pier Business class lounge, which just like the first class lounge felt like a comfortable and fancy living room. There was lots of space to lounge around. The showers in The Pier are a bit smaller compared to the first class lounge but it is fully stocked and perfect for a connecting passenger to refresh before their next flight. The Pier Business Class lounge is built alone one long continuous corridor and includes a tea room, a noodle bar, a regular bar and a food court. The food court had a variety of Western food and desserts, including pizza and cheesecake. A lot of people were in the noodle bar, which seemed to serve the same stuff as The Wing Business Class noodle bar. It is honestly very luxurious to have a bartender for an actual bar in a business class lounge that also doesn't charge for alcohol. I ordered a Cathay Delight and champagne to enjoy during my layover. My flight had just arrived from London and the excellent Cathay service started immediately once I was onboard. On the 4 class 777, there is smaller business class cabin immediately behind first class. It is very private and you get served first. It almost feels like a mini-first class since there are only 8 seats in that section. Cathay once again changed their amenity kit to a more traditional form factor. The prior kits I got was the highly criticized wrap around string kit, then this was quietly changed to a kit shaped more like a purse and now it has been changed to a pouch-like kit. The content has remained the same. The meals on board were good. I really liked the scallop appetizer and garlic bread but the main course was disappointing and tasted like anything you can easily get from a typical Chinese restaurant. The burger was excellent. The bun was so soft and crispy that I was surprised it came from a plane. Also it was served with a nice size bottle of ketchup. If only they also served fries. I never found breakfast on a plane to be good and this time it wasn't very memorable either. Drink wise, I really enjoyed the various Cathay cocktails, and they were all beautifully presented. The seat continues to be one of the best business class seat in the sky. Private and spacious. I was able to sleep for a full 8 hours and arrived feeling pretty refreshed. Overall it was a solid trip with Cathay with good drinks and food and an awesome lounge.