Several interesting A380 landings and take-offs at DUS airport during wet conditions with storm and gusty winds. Landings Dubai DXB to Duesseldorf DUS flight EK-055 Take-offs Duesseldorf DUS to Dubai DXB flight EK-056 Link to video details at: 0:00:00 HvdH Trailer 0:00:08 A380 rain squall during approch 0:00:19 A380 gusty landing at RWY 23L 0:00:58 wet reverse thrust after touchdown 0:01:22 DUS airport from RWY 23R view 0:01:26 A380 front view landing RWY 23L 0:01:29 A380 side view landing from RWY 23R 0:01:32 Front view with starting reverse thrust 0:01:36 amaizing side- and front-view view reverse thrust 0:01:57 end of runway with special livery Real Madrid 0:02:06 fantastic close up view end of runway 0:02:13 A380 A6-EOA taxi to gate 0:02:33 passing Pegasus flydqs.com TC-CPL in front of A380 0:02:43 Emirates A380 A6-EOA arriving at A380-gate C 02 0:02:48 DUS tower from parking P7 0:02:52 A380 A6-EOA taxi to start 0:02:52 close up view A380 special livery "Real Madrid" 0:03:16 A380 line up 0:03:27 wet start and take-off with much water spray 0:04:09 Wet and windy approch A380 from parking P7 0:04:24 Touchdown at RWY 23L 0:04:28 Strong wet reverse thrust 0:04:44 Front view wet reverse thrust 0:04:49 A380 line up 0:05:08 Accelerating and wet take-off recorded from P7 0:05:49 A380 approch to DUS 0:06:15 Touchdown at runway 23L 0:06:17 Heavy wet reverse thrust Used Equipment: - Heavy Mafrotto Tripot - Medium Manfrotto Tripot - Canon EOS 650 - 300 mm Tamron Telephoto lens - 2 x Teleconverter - Sigma 50-500mm Telephoto lens - GoPro Hero 3 - Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX-90 - Panasonic HC-V757 - Panasonic HC-V727 - Rhode directional Microphone - Video cutting software: Magix Video Deluxe www.hvdh-plane-spotter.de www.hvdh-film.de www.hvdh-sport.de www.hvdh.info