http://www.youtube.com/seatgurus - Transit at Millenium Airport Hotel for Emirates Passengers There are two parts to the hotel: the Emirates transit/layover side and the regular side for anyone wishing to stay, without a voucher from Emirates airline. The layover side is an adequate 3 star and the for regular is possibly a 4 star. For the transit part, it is more than adequate and is only a ten minute drive to and from the airport. You get a free shuttle from the airport (and the shuttle runs every 20 mins or so). On the negative side - The TV sucks. If you got a long layover you are going to get bored. Also, there is no wireles/WI FI. But you got options - there are a number of tours you can take (3hr and 6 hr tours) to get you out of the room and keep you busy (it cost about $30) On the plus side - they give you vouchers for food include buffet menu plus another voucher or two for snacks and there is a nice selection of shops and non-food voucher restaurants to chose from. Once you get into your room, its nice quiet and dark! Perfect! If you like this then you may like the following Flight Experience videos - Boeing 777-300 ER - Emirates Business Class Experience New York to Dubai http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQhGUL7iiEw