My Dear Mega Russian Car Crash Lovers !!! 03/08/2016 - BREAKING: Emirates Airlines Boeing 777 Emirates plane crash in Dubai upon landing. Officials say all passengers were evacuated and no one was injured Images posted online show thick black smoke coming from the plane, with no landing gear visible. The Dubai government media office said on its Twitter account that all passengers were evacuated safely and no injuries have been reported so far. The Boeing 777 was reportedly flying from the Indian city of Trivandrum to Dubai. Emirates airline said there were 275 passengers and crew on board. Live Update: An Emirates plane has caught fire at Dubai International Airport after it crash-landed because of an equipment failure Please Share, Subscribe, Comment and Like. - New Russian Car Crash Compilations Videos - Mega Russian Car Crash vLog, - Car Crash Reaction Videos, - Crazy Videos Recorded by us - We got it all for your entertainment. Visit Website: http://www.megacarcrashes.co.uk Share and comment on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MegaRussianCarCrashCompilations Twit us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MegaCarCrashes Join us! We love Russian Car Crash Compilations recorded from Dash Cams or anything funny recorded on your cam or cell phone (mobile), if you would like to send us your video please email ZIP FILE to: video@megacarcrashes.co.uk. We will add this to next available compilation.